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"Sowing, Spreading and Giving Love to the Ones that need it the most." - Raven A. Fecunda

The mission of RAFSOD Foundation is to educate while creating a greater awareness of sarcoma cancer and to provide financial support to sarcoma patients that otherwise could not provide it for themselves or their families.


Join Us for RAFSOD'S 9th Annual 5k Walk Of Victory For Sarcoma Awareness 


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Are you looking for an opportunity to be a volunteer or a sponsor, or maybe you're simply interested in making a donation?  Help us as we attempt to spread the word about sarcoma, an uncommon group of cancers which arise in the bones, and connective tissue such as fat and muscle. In most cases, it’s not clear what causes sarcoma. Family history and exposure to chemicals or radiation may increase risk.

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Cancer itself does not discriminate against anyone. In fact, it has no age limit, no race preference, no educational limits, and no economic requirements. We want the community along with the children, and youth to understand that we have more power in unity than we do alone.  It takes a village to fight and no one should fight alone.

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